Ureadin® Podos Gel Oil 75ml

Ureadin® Podos Gel Oil 75ml


With Urea Isdin® 10%
Dry and cracked feet and heels

  • Repairs dry and cracked feet and heels
  • Suitable for diabetics

Reduces roughness, rough and thickened skin thanks to the exfoliating action of Lactic Acid and Bacillus ferment.

Repairs dryness cracks due to the re-epithelialising (Allantoin, Panthenol) and emollient (Shea Butter) active ingredients.

Hydrates intensely: Urea Isdin® retains water providing an optimal hydration level.

Gel Oil Texture: fresh, light and non-greasy texture which is rapidly absorbed, allowing daily use and enhancing treatment efficacy.



Main indications:

  • Cracks
  • Flaking
  • Calluses
  • Dryness

Adjuvant in the treatment of plantar keratoderma.

Clinical evidence: Ureadin® Podos has proven it is efficacious after 3 days of treatment and has delivered an almost complete remission of symptoms in 97% of patients by day 14.

Double-blind observational study conducted in 33 patients to assess the restorative efficacy of Ureadin® Podos on cracked feet.

Shock treatment: Twice a day.
Maintenance: Once a day.


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