Accel-Heal is an electrical stimulation device that provides targeted therapy for hard-to-heal and painful wounds, including leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.

It delivers an automatic, pulsed electrical stimulation during the 12-day treatment programme. The pulses are below the threshold for sensory stimulation which means that patients should not typically feel them yet they are strong enough to trigger the cellular responses needed to begin the healing process.

A pocket-sized device, Accel-Heal is discreet and does not hinder the patient’s mobility. The device is easily changed every 48-hours with no need to disrupt wound dressings and no need to  replace the electrodes on the skin.  The therapy can, therefore, be managed by the patient themselves or their carer in the comfort of their own home.

Accel-Heal should be applied under the supervision of a qualified Clinician.

More Information on Accel-Heal


Accel-Heal therapy consists of six, 48-hour disposable devices connected to skin-friendly electrode pads.

The 12-day treatment period begins by simply applying two electrode pads to the skin near the wound.

Every 48-hours during the 12 day treatment period the Accel-Heal device is changed for a new device. The electrode pads should be applied to intact skin on either side of the wound, then connected to the Accel-Heal device.

Once the dressing has been applied and the device switched on, electrical stimulation is delivered to the wound automatically with no further intervention required by the patient for 48 hours after application.

After each 48-hours of the 12-day treatment period, the device will automatically turn itself off. A new one should then be attached to the electrodes, with the old one disposed of safely. Each device should be applied consecutively during the therapy. The electrodes should be replaced as necessary during the course of therapy.

Accel-Heal should be applied under the supervision of a qualified Clinician.


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