Accel-Heal Technologies Limited is a UK-based company that was established to continue the development of unique electrical stimulation products to help transform clinical and health economic outcomes in patients with painful and hard-to-heal wounds.

Electrical stimulation is one of the most evidence-based technologies in wound management with five meta analyses and over 30 RCTs published today. Accel-Heal Technologies now provides electrical stimulation in a small portable device, providing uninterrupted use across all care settings.

About Accel-Heal


Electrical stimulation has a real potential to transform outcomes in patients suffering from painful, hard-to-heal wounds. It is now one of the most evidence-based therapies in wound management having shown its efficacy to stimulate healing and help to relieve pain in numerous clinical trials. The challenge has always been how to incorporate what has been perceived as a complex therapy, into frontline clinical practice. Accel‑Heal, as a pre-programmed, single-use, portable and easy to use electrical stimulation device, has been developed to address this challenge.

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