Experiences with ALHYDRAN scar cream

Over the years we have received a great deal of feedback from patients on their experiences with ALHYDRAN. Here are some of their reactions.

No scars or burned skin of radiotherapy

To me it is the best medical cream that left my skin flawless after 5 rounds of radiotherapy! I do and will always recommend radiotherapy patients to use this medical cream. I was left without any scars or burned skin around my neck area.

– Anonymous

Stretch mark free

Used ALHYDRAN during my pregnancy. It’s a wonderful product. Now I’m stretch mark free.

– Anonymous

My daugther suffers from rosacea.

My daugther tried ALHYDRAN because she suffers from rosacea and her face is very dry and itchy. She was amazed because the symptoms were immediatly gone once she applied the product.

– Anonymous

ALHYDRAN soothes my burned skin!

For the past five years, ALHYDRAN has been the only product to soothe my burned skin!

– Anonymous

1st and 2nd degree burns

I recently had a bad accident and suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns on my chest and stomach. After applying ALHYDRAN i felt a strong relief of the itching, pain and dryness of my burnt skin. My skin became supple and the scars started to fade within a couple of days.

– Robby Nahr sr.

The best cream during radiation!

“Right after the radiation (breast cancer) I started using Alhydran. The Radiotherapy Centre in Hoorn had given me a few ‘samples’ because the pain and itch became unbearable after I had used Cetomacrogol, and I had sleepless night, which isn’t ‘practical’ during 5 weeks of radiation!

After having used Alhydran for a few days, I tried Cetomacrogol again, even if it was only to see if Alhydran really helped. In ‘no time’ the pain came back, and the pain got so bad that I almost started hyperventilating. I washed the Cetomacrogol off with cold water and applied Alhydran right away, and it’s just so soothing that nothing can compete, because a lot of other prescribed products only do more damage to your skin if you use them every day!

Afterwards the skin will heal, and the fat content will be restored, but this wonderful product can help against the pain and the itching. At the moment, Alhydran is the most important thing to me.

– Martell, The Netherlands

The radiation clinic suggest Alhydran

At the suggestion of the radiation clinic, I started using Alhydran in March 2014, for the burns and scars on my skin, caused by the radiation.

During my seven months of intensive wound care with periods of skin damage because of things such as plasters and tape of the vacuum pump, Alhydran was also a faithful companion. I am very pleased with this cream, it spreads out well, it doesn’t stick and isn’t too fat. I still use Alhydran 2x a day, to keep my scars and skin supple.

In short: I am very satisfied with the Alhydran cream; it also helps against itchy insect bites.

– Nell

The best cream against scars

Before my planned C-section, I went on Google for the best cream against scars, and I ended up with you. I have requested a sample, and I liked it a lot. I started using it the third day after my C-section. I was convinced miracles didn’t exist, but it couldn’t hurt. Only a couple of hours after I had applied the cream, I felt its effect on the wound, and the feeling of burning and tension was gone. I called the pharmacy right away, and they didn’t have the cream there, but they could order it. The next day I received it. Now, half a year later, the wound has healed very well and there’s no redness. I have just finished the tube, I bought 250 ml and it lasts a long time. And it really works! Thank you, I am soooo pleased with it!

– Delilah

I have lichen planus on my lips

I am very enthusiastic! For 2 years, I have been looking for a good cream for my skin disease, lichen planus on my lips. The wounds are very painful and keep opening as soon as they come into contact with water. It works almost right away, and the throbbing, radiating pain goes away quickly with this cream.

You have improved my quality of life by a lot, and I would like to thank you for this.

– Mrs I.Admiraal

Alhydran made the skin strong again

Our daughter of 9 had a few problematic wounds on her leg that just wouldn’t heal properly. Once they were closed, the new skin was so thin that it didn’t take a lot to break again. With Alhydran we could let the skin heal until it was strong again. So Alhydran has really helped us. Since then, we have also used that for our son of 7. He had water warts that threatened to leave scars. With Alhydran, the skin healed quickly.

– Linda Bolhuis

The Alhydran cream helped very well!

The Alhydran cream helped very well with my ugly burns. I got burns on my index finger and my middle finger, from olive oil. Because of my profession, pedicure, it’s mandatory for me to wear gloves. You can imagine what happened. The blisters broke, and they became ugly scars. I used Alhydran when the wounds were dry.

It was amazing that there was already a visible result after two days. I use Alhydran as a hand cream every day now. I don’t even have scars anymore! I use the Alhydran High protection SPF 30 (UVB + UVA) as a day cream. I am very satisfied.

– Ine

ALHYDRAN is a powerful moisture-regulating cream that penetrates deep into the skin and improves the skin from within.
Burn on my hand

I used the Alhydran cream for a burn on my hand (it turns out you shouldn’t touch the walls of the oven with your hand). I have to admit that the burn has healed well, and now it’s almost invisible.

– Sylvia Meijer

Blisters on my fingers

I got awfully hot grease on my fingers, after a piece of meat had fallen off the fork. I had cooled my finger under the tap for twenty minutes. Afterwards, I consulted the internet right away to see what I should do.

I ended up on your website, where I ordered a free sample. This was delivered by mail very quickly.

I then bought the Alhydran cream, and the result is amazing. The biggest blister was on my middle finger, and now it looks like it did before.

– C. Walraven

The side effects after radiation

After radiation treatments for breast cancer, one of the side effects was that I got dry, red and even brown skin. The hospital told me that I could only use the pads they had given me. The only thing that these pads did was ensure that my clothing didn’t chafe over the spots.

When I had started with Alhydran, it didn’t itch anymore, and the burnt skin came off, so I got my own skin back. When I told my doctor about this during a check-up, she said that they used this cream in the old days too, but not anymore, because it’s no longer insured.

The pads I have received (with a value of about €90) are covered by insurance. I can really recommend this cream to everyone with the same kind of problems. It’s very much worth the purchase price!

– Ria

Using ALHYDRAN after my radiation

I like the cream very much. After my radiation, my skin didn’t bother me, my skin stayed supple, and the dark discolourations is now going away. The scars are also healing nicely, and I think this is because of the Alhydran cream. The cream spreads nicely, and you don’t have to use a lot of it. Alhydran is a bit more expensive than other creams, but it’s certainly worth the investment.

– Mrs van Wirdum

Amazing cream after my irradiation

I have used already one and a half tube of ALHYDRAN(250ml). The cream is really good during and after the radiotherapy and operations. Plus, the cream decreased the visibility of my scars.

I will keep using ALHYDRAN.

– Van Boekel

My scar is barely noticeable anymore!

It’s a very good scar cream!! A few months ago I had a surgery for skin cancer in my face. Immediately after the wound was closed and the stitches were removed I started with the ALHYDRAN SPF30, a scar cream with sun protector. I absolutely didn’t want my scar to discolor from the sun! I use it daily, as a day cream. The first month I used the scar cream a few times a day. When I had the feeling my scar would feel really tight or started itching I used the cream as well. Now its almost three months ago and you can barely see the scar!!

Of course the dermatologist also stitched the scar really nice together (the scar is 4cm long). But also thanks to ALHYDRAN it became a scar that is barely noticeable. I keep using it, and I am for the next years really careful with the sun. I can recommend it to everyone.

What I also really like about ALHYDRAN is the website, they inform about what you can and can’t do. They give you an honest advice and a good scar cream for a reasonable price. The cream smears really good, so a 59ml tube is very cost-effective and lasts for a long time. I can recommend it for everyone! It’s a pleasant day cream with a high sun protector. I also have a sensitive skin, but with this cream I have no problems.

– Irine

Damaged skin by microdermabrasion

I have a damaged skin by microdermabrasion, for this I get recovering laser treatment. I was looking for a good post-laser cream and I found some good recommendations from ALHYDRAN. I am very happy with ALHYDRAN, its an amazing recovering cream, my skin feels and looks already so much better. Besides this, it’s a nice cream that feels soft and absorbs really fast. That’s why I use ALHYDRAN everyday.

In a nutshell, I am very enthusiastic about ALHYDRAN.

– Marjo

Medical elastic compression stockings

I wear elastic compression stockings, to protect my skin I use ALHYDRAN for my legs.

– Mevrouw van Leeuwen

Scar after breast reduction

After a breast reduction I used various scar creams but non of them gave me the result I was hoping for. On advice of the plastic surgeon I bought ALHYDRAN, and this worked immediately. Now, half a year after the surgery the scars are vague lines. I saw my scars disappear every week a little bit. I am really happy with this scar cream. I use it now and then but not that much anymore.

– Henriëtte

ALHYDRAN after radiotherapy

That I ordered ALHYDRAN several times means I am very pleased with the product. I started with ALHYDRAN after a seven-week radiotherapy treatment. During the radiotherapy my skin got very damaged, leaving the skin with open wounds. The hospital recommended me a gel, which should heal the wounds. However, the skin kept producing wound fluid. I read on the internet about a cream called ALHYDRAN, which I ordered online. From that moment the wound fluid formation stopped. I use ALHYDRAN for a couple of months now and the skin is healed. The skin is still a little bit darker at the location where I got radiotherapy. I am very happy with the cream and the result.

– Alma

I am really enthusiastic!

After a breast conserving surgery, we were all very happy because my tumor was removed. Unfortunately, an ugly scar was left on my body, it was a thick, red and lumpy scar. The pharmacy assistant of the department of radiotherapy told me about ALHYDRAN. After using the scar cream for two months and two times a day, my scar is almost gone. Its unbelievable!

– Marie – Louise

ALHYDRAN is a medical cream that can be used as after care of the skin, immediately after wound closure. Treatment for disrupted skin barrier with ALHYDRAN medical skincare is effective.
Scar on my daughters face

In March 2016, our beautiful daughter got bitten in her face by the dog. Which left her with a big wound and three big cuts.

In the hospital they used adhesive plasters to close the wound and the cuts. But what happens after these adhesive plasters? Will she be left with scars on her face? How can we minimize these effects on her face? I started looking on the internet, I read various articles and recommendations of ALHYDRAN on the internet and decided to buy ALHYDRAN. When she is inside we use ALHYDRAN but when she goes outside we use ALHYDRAN SPF30, to protect her against the UV radiation. The scars didn’t disappear totally, but every month we see improvements. Who hope this will continue the way its going now. Our daughter uses ALHYDRAN as in the instruction manual, and is happy with the scar cream. We all hope the scars will totally disappear over time. We would recommend ALHYDRAN.

– Berthus

Scar on my cheek

I use the scar cream for my scar on my cheek. I was really itching and sometimes in pain, because of my scar. So I started using ALHYDRAN. Now, after using ALHYDRAN the scar is softer and less thick. The pain is reduced, but it still itches regularly.

– Noor

My burn itches less, is less red and my skin is elastic

Recently I suffered from a burn. On the internet I read about ALHYDRAN, a scar cream that helps against itching redness and increases the flexibility of the burn. The deepest wound recently closed, which took about four weeks. I started using ALHYDRAN around my burn and not yet on my burn, which would help with healing the wound. As soon as the wound was closed I applied the scar cream on my burn. And it helps indeed, my burn itches less, is less red and the skin is more flexible. Some burns already look like normal skin. The burns are in my groin, it’s important that the skin is flexible. I can move everything again and I hope my scars will disappear so I can go next year in a swimsuit.

After this first experience I would definitely recommend ALHYDRAN.

– Mirthe

The story of Rick Thomas and Alhydran

For a year and a half, 36-year-old Rick Thomas suffered from painful cuts and wounds on the inside of his hands despite seeking relief from specialists and many different products. Then Rick turned to Alhydran, a highly concentrated medical gel-cream produced by Aruba Aloe for a variety of skin problems. Within just a few weeks, Rick noticed miraculous results. A recent catch-up session with Rick reveals his remarkable Alhydran success story.

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Radiotherapy and ALHYDRAN; no skin damage at all!

I used ALHYDRAN, during my breast conserving therapy. After 3 weeks of radiotherapy – having used Alhydran three times a day – there is absolutely no skin damage at all. A few times just a little redness but as soon as I put on Alhydran it disappeared. I have been told that you might see skin reaction up to two weeks after the radiotherapy stops, so I am still using Alhydran with very good result.

A positive side effect has been, that the scar from the lumpectomy (breast conserving therapy) has become almost “invisible” during the weeks using Alhydran.”

– A 58-year-old woman, Denmark

No other product came anywhere close to ALHYDRAN.

“Taking heavy medication for years to control immune disorders and being exposed to the sun a lot as a child have done my skin no good at all. As a result, I have a lot of sunspots (actinic keratoses) and dry, scaly, itchy skin all over my body. ALHYDRAN really helps. ALHYDRAN is so easy to apply, my skin absorbs it very quickly and effectively, and it controls the itching and scaliness and makes my sunspots softer. Even on my face!

ALHYDRAN also did a great job after my recent photodynamic therapy treatment. The skin on my chest overreacted to the treatment and was severely burned. After a short course of antibiotic cream at my dermatologist’s recommendation, ALHYDRAN very quickly soothed and dried my skin and visibly improved it. I have tried many other products in the past, but none came anywhere close to ALHYDRAN.”

A satisfied user from Arnhem, the Netherlands

ALHYDRAN stopped the burning sensation in my irradiated skin

ALHYDRAN was better than the another cream (Cetomacrogol) I used before. It stopped the burning sensation in the irradiated area. The irradiated skin also itched less. ALHYDRAN is easy to apply and has a neutral smell.

– A 42-year-old anonymous user, the Netherlands

My physio and orthopaedic surgeon were surprised how effective ALHYDRAN was

“In April and October 2012 I had knee replacements on both sides because both knees were worn. After the operations my son gave me ALHYDRAN to apply to the scars. They were so thick, stiff and knobbly, and it was really painful to do my knee exercises to restore the bending movement. Once I started applying ALHYDRAN, as much as four times a day to begin with, my scars visibly improved.

My physio and orthopaedic surgeon were surprised how effective it was! I just wanted to tell you this so that more people who have had joint operations can benefit from it.”

Ms Baltink, the Netherlands

I had no more pain symptoms

“Immediately after I was burned, my doctor recommended applying ALHYDRAN scar cream (only to the skin that had already closed). I had no more pain symptoms and ALHYDRAN quickly got rid of the heat in my burn. It also greatly reduced the itching. Because it works so fast, I was able to get back to work quickly.”

An anonymous 52 year old ALHYDRAN user with burns on the hands, face and chest, the Netherlands

With ALHYDRAN my skin felt cooler, less red and less sore

“I started using ALHYDRAN after my dermatologist removed my age spots with an aggressive skin cream (actinic keratosis). My skin felt hot, red and painful. ALHYDRAN had a soothing effect and within just a few days my face was less red and painful. It applies well and it’s easy to use.”

A 70 year old anonymous user, the Netherlands

ALHYDRAN is a powerful moisture-regulating cream that penetrates deep into the skin and improves the skin from within.
ALHYDRAN made our daughter’s skin more supple

“Our four-year-old daughter was scalded by hot water. She still had a lot of unpleasant symptoms 1½ years later. Now her skin is much less itchy and red. Her scar has improved visibly too!”

A 4/5 years old anonymous child, Ankara, Turkey

ALHYDRAN is really easy to apply and is one of the few products that can be used under support stockings!

“A while ago I was given ALHYDRAN for my very dry, painful legs. It’s also very effective against itching. ALHYDRAN is really easy to apply and is one of the few products that can be used under support stockings! You used to be able to claim for it on health insurance but sadly you can’t any more. I would almost wish all my problems on the health insurance companies, so that they’d know and feel what my many patients and I go through every day! I really hope ALHYDRAN will be available on basic or supplementary health insurance again.”

Ms Geijn from Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

The irradiated area improved visibly fast

”ALHYDRAN reduces pain and redness. The irradiated skin improved visibly faster. My skin therapist was able to start sooner with her the treatment. ALHYDRAN is pleasant to use and is easy to apply.”

A 68 year old anonymous user, the Netherlands

For 10 years, ALHYDRAN was the only cream that soothed my burnt skin!

“Eleven years ago I suffered 40% burns from my waist down. The skin on my legs was particularly badly damaged and there is a lot of scarring there. Over the years I have had a number of restorative operations and skin transplants. I have tried out lots of creams to reduce the itching, redness and tightness. Not many were very much help, to be honest.

At one point a fellow sufferer told me that there was something on the market that could really help and you could get it on prescription, which was great as you needed a lot for daily use. And it was true: it made my skin more supple, and it even reduced the tightness in the scar tissue that made it harder to restore mobility in my limbs and the itching I could even feel when I was asleep.

Sadly, ALHYDRAN stopped being available on my health insurance and I couldn’t afford to pay for it myself. Anyway, I went on to try other products, but all that happened was that the delicate skin opened again and the itching returned.

This afternoon I came across the ALHYDRAN information stand at the Dutch Burns Day and naturally I stopped by to see whether they were giving away samples. I got a sample, along with some information about what I actually already knew. But now I have rediscovered that you only need to use a tiny bit of ALHYDRAN to make a big difference and make the scar tissue more supple.

So I’m not going to deny myself or my skin any longer, and I’m going to buy a big tube of ALHYDRAN, because I know that ALHYDRAN really helps and makes my skin more supple.”

This is the cream I react really well to

“I have had chronic inflammations on my face for years. Every time my skin cleared up slowly but the inflammations kept coming back more often and kept getting worse. Ultimately I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. That was the reason why operations were often unsuccessful and the wounds kept coming back. I had 22 operations altogether over a period of three years. And you’re always left with a scar after every operation. I’ve tried a lot of different scar creams over the years, and I’ve discovered that I react badly to some of them.

When I went to the Dutch Burns Day in Amersfoort I was given a couple of sample tubes of ALHYDRAN. This is the cream I respond really well to. I can use ALHYDRAN even on wounds that have just closed. It really calms the skin and the scars are definitely becoming less visible. Now I’m taking strong drugs to suppress my autoimmune disease. Ultimately I hope that my skin will settle down, especially now that I’m using ALHYDRAN.”

Renee from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Examples in practice

ALHYDRAN is extensively tested in several medical institutions and university hospitals. ALHYDRAN has been extensively clinically tested by professionals and various burns centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals throughout Europe, including the burns centres in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

  • Burn Centre Rotterdam, Hospital (NL)
  • Burn Centre UZ Gent, University hospital (BE)
  • Rehabilitation Centre Bad Klosterlausnitz (D)

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