Molutrex is a Class IIa Medical Device which has a proven track record in published clinical trials to speed up the natural process of eliminating this virus from the body. The active ingredient used in Molutrex has been the subject of a number of clinical studies across the world. Doctors have found that when applied to the blisters once or twice a day they start to disappear within a matter of days and many patients become free of the blisters within a few weeks. Treatment is easy to follow and unlikely to cause significant discomfort to the patient.

Molutrex contains a stable solution of potassium hydroxide (also known as KOH). This agent has been used for many years in medical laboratories as it is capable of breaking down the hard keratin surface of the skin.

When painted onto the molluscum blisters this sets off an irritant reaction which stimulates the body’s own immune system to attack the virus. The virus is destroyed and the blisters heal

This graph shows the results of a test performed at a London teaching hospital comparing 10% Potassium hydroxide (KOH) with a water based placebo (dummy). After 60 days of usage nearly 75% of the KOH treated group were completely blister free compared with only 20% of the placebo group.

Graph showing % of patients lesion free

A second study produced almost identical results with a 10% solution with over 85% of children clear of blisters within 60 days.

Graph showing second study showing over 85% children clear of blisters in 60 days

The scientists then went on to study the effect of reducing the concentration down to 5%. In their report they said….

“In our new series of 20 children, all cleared completely within 6 weeks of using the 5% KOH aqueous solution, twice a day. The stinging sensation was absent or minimal during treatment….”

In a German Study, published in 2007, 21 children aged between 2 and 13 years were treated with 5% KOH. The blisters started to show signs of reddening within 3-6 days from the start of treatment and complete resolution and healing of the blisters was completed within 14 – 35 days. Importantly, none of the patients showed any signs of a recurrence of the disease up to 8 months after treatment.

5% KOH has also been compared with a drug called Tretinoin, often used to treat acne. 50 children were given either 5% KOH or 0.05% Tretinoin to be applied once a day to their molluscum lesions for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks use there was no significant difference between either treatment group. Both groups saw a significant improvement in their average count of remaining blisters but the scientists commented that the KOH appeared to work faster.

This form of treatment has been recommended by these studies as being suitable for use at home rather than in clinic use. It has been shown to be effective, well tolerated and easy to use through simple application.

Conclusion Experiments using a range of concentrations from 2.5% to 10% has shown that a 5% solution has a similar effect as the 10% but with less irritation. This is why Molutrex is made with 5% Potassium Hydroxide.

As many of the old methods of clearing molluscum involved medical intervention, significant discomfort and limited levels of success most clinicians have up until now employed a “let it go away on its own”approach. However it is now possible to manage molluscum more sympathetically with Molutrex Whilst the blisters are not generally painful they can be itchy or feel a bit sore.

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