Recovery doesn’t stop once the stitches have come out and the wound has sealed. The BAP ScarCare range of silicone products offer the best possible aftercare service for your scar management.

These products with the exacting standards of medical devices are used in clinics and hospitals throughout Europe to help flatten and diminish the appearance of all types of scars, meaning that the memory of any surgical intervention will fade away to maintain your confidence.

The BAP ScarCare system includes 3 product formats, designed to best suit your needs.

Bapscarcare Gel

Easy to apply to any healed and sealed incision site. This gel has the added advantage of drying rapidly into a smooth matt finish. Within a few seconds all sign of the gel has vanished, allowing make up to be applied over the top if required.

For areas exposed to sunlight on a regular basis there is also BAP ScarCare SPF 40.

BAP ScarCare Gel is designed for smaller scars or scars in more exposed areas.

Bapscarcare T

These are rectangles of transparent, ultra-thin silicone sheeting. Measuring 0.3mm in thickness, they are designed to provide long-term clinical occlusion which is flexible enough to conform to body contours and flex with the body.

Each sheet can be cut to size and shape to suit the needs of the client and can be worn continuously for 7 days without the need to be washed and removed. After 7 days the client just removes the sheet, washes the site and replaces the dressing with a fresh sheet for another 7 days. The sheets have rounded corners to reduce the risk of them being rolled off and are particularly suitable to be worn under clothing.

Bapscarcare S

Designed to give maximal occlusion, these are thicker than the T dressings at 1.2mm. They are also transparent, making them suitable for all skin types and are designed to be washed and re-used, meaning that each dressing can be used for several weeks.

Their design means that they are particularly suitable for use under clothing or in conjunction with pressure garment therapy. In recognition of the types of procedures that this thickness of silicone is used for, the S Dressings are available in rectangles plus shaped pieces to be used following breast enlargement or reduction, abdominoplasty and keyhole incision sites.

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