YES. Vitiligo sometimes reverses of its own accord and full repigmentation may occur.

ViTiX® can help with rapid repigmentation if used over a period of several months and as advised by your dermatologist or skincare Health Professional

That depends on the patient, the type of vitiligo, individual physiological factors, and the degree to which you follow the usage instructions. In our experience, results may be obtained with ViTiX® from the 2nd month of use onwards.

There are three types of repigmentation:

  • uniform and progressive repigmentation.
  • concentric repigmentation, which begins around the edges of the area which has lost its pigmentation and moves towards the centre.
  • “confetti” repigmentation, which begins in the pilosebaceous follicles. This produces coloured marks, which gradually come together, resulting in complete repigmentation.

Any of these types of repigmentation is possible. However you must also be prepared to accept that Vitix may not work in your case so you will have to be patient for 2-4 months to see signs of activity on your skin.

On your doctor’s advice you may expose your skin to the sun in moderation, or as prescribed by your doctor.

You can put on makeup in areas affected by vitiligo with no problem, provided that you apply your treatment regularly and constantly first. Choose your makeup carefully according to the characteristics of your vitiligo and the aesthetic results obtained. You can use our product Viticolor to obtain long-lasting camouflage (3 to 4 days).

ViTiX® must be applied twice a day in combination with phototherapy or heliotherapy, morning and evening, to skin cleaned in advance and free of makeup.

ViTiX® may be used with no problem on children aged 6 upwards.

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