Dermal Curette (Box of 10) – Available January 2024

Dermal Curette (Box of 10) – Available January 2024


PRE-ORDER ONLY – Available from January 2024

With DOS Medical’s single-use dermal curette, you can remove tissue, such as skin, from the body very precisely. Because the curettes are very sharp, you can use them for different purposes. They offer precision when debriding specific areas.

Always sharp and sterile. We supply single-use dermal curettes, because they are always sharp enabling you to work with precision. For ease of use, our curettes are individually sterile packed allowing Immediate use after opening the package.

The dermal curette has a round end with a very sharp edge. You can adjust the depth of the surface to be removed by changing the angle of the curette on the skin.

Choose the right size. The single-use dermal curettes are available in 5 sizes ranging from 2.0 to 7.0 mm.

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