DermaSilk Pyjamas

DermaSilk Pyjamas


  • Calming base layer to be worn under conventional pyjamas by night and ordinary day clothing
  • Made from fine, open knit DermaSilk
  • Will not cause child to over-heat by adding as a second layer
  • Soft internal silk seams will not irritate sensitive skin
  • Does not look like “Medical” clothing
  • Many school children manage to span the school day without needing additional emollient use
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Child Shirt Round Neck

Size Sleeve Length (A) 1/2 Chest Breadth (B) Shoulder Point to Bottom Length (C)
3-4 Years 33.5cm 30.5cm 45.5cm
5-6 Years 39.5cm 33.0cm 49.5cm
7-8 Years 45.5cm 35.5cm 53.5cm
10-12 Years 57.5cm 40.5cm 61.5cm

Child Long Pants

Size Inside Leg Length (E) 1/2 Waist Breadth (D) 1/2 Pelvis Breadth (F)
3-4 Years 38cm 24cm 33cm
5-6 Years 45cm 26cm 36cm
7-8 Years 52cm 28cm 39cm
10-12 Years 66cm 33cm 45cm

These are approximate measurements of the actual garments. Please compare with the measurements of some of your other underclothing if you are unsure of size. Some stretch is built in to all sizes.

DermaSilk® – a unique range of Therapeutic Clothing.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is used in the treatment of various forms of dermatitis, eczema and allergic skin conditions that affect different areas of the body across all age groups. Used both as underwear by day and as nightwear this fabric allows the skin to breathe and controls temperature and humidity – reducing itch and controlling flares. Unlike emollient retention garments, DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is intended to be worn continuously to help control eczema and reduce both the frequency and severity of eczema flares. DermaSilk does not replace conventional treatment like emollients and steroids but is used alongside them. What you will find is that the use of creams will naturally reduce as the DermaSilk controls the eczema.

Wear and Care

  • DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is designed to be lightweight and body forming. It needs to be close fitting and in contact with the skin at all times to be fully effective.
  • As with all natural fibres, DermaSilk will last longer if 2 or more garments are rotated in use rather than a single garment being washed and worn continuously.
  • When used in combination with medical creams and ointments, care should be taken to ensure that the medication is fully absorbed into the skin before the DermaSilk clothing is worn.
  • Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners.
  • Do not bleach DermaSilk clothing as it will damage the structure of the fabric.
  • DermaSilk clothing should preferably be hand washed using a mild non-biological (enzyme free) detergent, rinsed thoroughly and laid flat to dry on a towel
  • Have a look at SkinSalveation washing powder which is a delicate, filler-free detergent designed to effectively clean without fuss.
  • DermaSilk can be machine washed at 30 degrees providing it is placed in a net bag to protect the seams from tangling with other washing. Do not tumble dry DermaSilk as silk prefers to be humid rather than bone dry..
  • Use a cool steam iron if necessary. If the garment goes out of shape it can normally be restored using this method.
  • In areas with hard water the softness of DermaSilk can be restored as follows: After every 10 washes, soak DermaSilk clothing in a solution of 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda per litre of water overnight to maintain the softness of the fabric, then wash as instructed. This method can also be used for stain removal.
  • Please note that the antimicrobial agent (AEM 5772/5) is bonded permanently into the silk and will not leach out of the fabric, even after numerous washes.

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110cm (3-4 Years), 120cm (5-6 Years), 135cm (7-8 Years), 150cm (9-12 Years)


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